Cpl. Jordan MacWilliams and Det/Cst. Stephanie Lillejord

Delta Police and Vancouver Police Department 

Cpl. Jordan MacWilliams of the Delta Police Department and Det/Cst. Stephanie Lillejord of the Vancouver Police Department have been Police Officers for 12 years. A married couple with two young daughters, Cpl. MacWilliams works with the Integrated Emergency Response Team and Det Cst. Lillejord with the RCMP’s Federal and Serious Organized Crime unit.

In 2012, Cpl. MacWilliams shot and killed a hostage-taker at the Starlight Casino. After an investigation by the Independent Investigations Office, Cpl. MacWilliams became the first police officer in BC to be charged with murder in the course of his duties as a member of the Emergency Response Team.

Cpl. MacWilliams and Det/Cst. Lillejord will discuss the challenges they faced through that ordeal as well as further events that compounded their stress in the following years. Through a medical crisis, another police shooting and an unexpected loss of a family member, the couple discuss overcoming these ordeals to maintain a healthy, meaningful relationship with each other and their children.

Session: A Couples Journey to Overcoming Adversity

Sgt. Lane Douglas-Hunt

Victoria Police Department

Sgt. Lane Douglas-Hunt is a 12 year member of the Victoria Police Department. She has enjoyed a varied career in Patrol, ERT, Explosives and in the Special Victims Unit. She was recently promoted to Sergeant and is now back in the Patrol Division as a supervisor. She is very passionate about mental health and is currently the Team Leader for the Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

Her own journey with PTSD inspired her to participate in speaking events such as this one as well as running with the 2021 Wounded Warrior Run team in an effort to reduce the stigma related to PTSD.

Outside of policing Sgt. Douglas-Hunt enjoys her hobby farm with her husband Jeff and two dogs as well as her 80 chickens, honeybees and 700 gallon reef tank.

Session: Living My Best Life, With PTSD

Deputy Chief, A.J. DeAndrea 

Arvada Police Department

Deputy Chief A.J. DeAndrea has been with the Arvada, Colorado Police Department since 1993. He served as a member of the Jefferson County Regional SWAT Team from 1996 to 2012, which was a collateral duty team and he was a Team Leader. The majority of his career was spent on patrol but he also spent 2 years as the Sergeant of the Internal Affairs Unit and 4 years as the Sergeant in the Community Response Impact Team (CRIT) and was an Operations Commander. As Deputy Chief he is currently in charge of the Arvada Police Department’s Patrol Sector Division.

Deputy Chief DeAndrea is a lead instructor for the NTOA’s Team Leader Development Course, a Master Less Lethal Instructor, a Colorado POST and Alaskan POST certified instructor. He teaches Officer Survival, Building Searches, Rapid and Immediate Deployment (RAID), Enhanced Active Shooter Strategies, Single Officer Response to an Active Shooter, SWAT, SWAT Team Leader Development, Defensive Tactics and Firearms as well as many other disciplines. He was formally certified in Explosive Breaching.

Deputy Chief DeAndrea has received 6 Medals for Valor, 3 Medals for Distinguished Service, 2 Medals for Meritorious Service, 2 unit citations and numerous commendations. From 2006 to 2010 A.J. was honored as the “Police Officer of the Year” through the Primo Awards.

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Session: Dark Nights of the Soul - When Terror Hits Home

John Daly 

Moderator of the Series  

John Daly spent 40 years as a reporter, assignment editor, newscast producer, and talk show host. He was on general assignment specializing in crime & investigations of scams, cover-ups, government & agency incompetence, and official malfeasance.

John likes breaking stories, like the sudden plea bargain of one of the Surrey Six murderers, and the simultaneous (caught on camera!) takedown of notorious gangster Jamie Bacon. Daly has attended CUNY, York, and UBC, and is an active member of IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors). He’s taught interviewing techniques and investigative reporting at BCIT and UBC Continuing Education, and is frequently an invited speaker for professional organizations and conferences on the demands of the news media, and where news is headed.

John is the President of the Board of Directors for Odd Squad Productions.


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